Moved to Our Posh Digs!

2 Jun

              I spent the morning at Covent Garden checking out the shops and having Breakfast at Marks and Spencers. Met Pearl at the dorms in the early afternoon and we headed off for Plaza on the River on the South Bank of the Thames. Made a stop at the New London Theatre to get tickets for War Horse on Monday night. They had a few singles left and then the rest of the week was booked. Finally I will get to see play I missed last Fall when Air Canada was going to go on strike and I had to leave London early.

Our suite hotel is everything we expected. Kitchen, dining and living room plus a bedroom with king bed and a sofa that makes into a double bed. Coffee and tea supplies provided plus certificates for the Bar for 2 free drinks. We relaxed when we got here and had afternoon tea. Then we went for dinner at a nice Italian Restaurant just down the road. On the way back, we stopped at an Italian Deli and ordered stuff for our lunch tomorrow. Bread, cheese, cold meats, pickles and some sweets, plus wine. There will be six of us here.

Room service has been to turn down our beds, so having had a luxurious soak in the tub, I am off to bed. We each have TV’s to watch, so I will nod off watching Inspector Lewis. Tomorrow is a big day and we head off to church at St. Paul’s Cathedral at 9:00. Not sure what traffic will be like. Today was relatively nice and the sun even came out, but tonight the rain has started. Hope it stops by the afternoon. Regardless the flotilla will go on!

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