London…….Red, White and Blue!

1 Jun

Union Jacks strung everywhere. Store windows decked out with images related to the Queen. I arrived in London yesterday. Cudos to Air Canada for a smooth flight which arrived 20 minutes early! Found my way to High Holborn, LSE Residence just off Shaftsbury in London’s West end. Newly refurbished rooms just made available are the reason I am able to stay in this otherwise very expensive city. The rooms were completed too late for them to be taken by students who are now at the end of term and in the process of writing their exams.

Met up with my friend Pearl. She had been out to the House of Lords to have lunch with her new friend Lady Doris and then to check out our ROOM WITH A VIEW, actually a suite in a posh hotel on the Thames River, where we will watch the Thames River Flotilla on Sunday. She wanted to make sure all was kosher and that indeed we did have a reservation!.

We headed off to the Diamond Jubilee Proms, A Musical Celebration at St.Martin in the Field, a church just off Trafalgar Square. Everyone seems to be in a party mood. It was a wonderful concert which ended with the audience singing Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory and those that had brought their flags,  waving them wildly.

My body isn’t quite converted to UK time, so it is 5:00AM as I write this. Soon I hope it will decide it is time to sleep. Need at least a couple of hours as there is much to do today. Will be heading off to the London Metropolitan Archives to take in their Jubilee, a Day of Discovery and Sharing Memories. Tea will of course be served! Then I will continue on to the Society of Genealogists, where they will be hosting a Street Party. After that, who knows?

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