Canada Census 2016 “Best Census Since 1666”

4 Sep

I do hope in 100 years someone will appreciate this good work!

Peter's Family History Notes

Well, I have to admit I don’t remember doing the 1666 Census!  But I did participate in the 2016 Census.

Statistics Canada reports the rate of returns was excellent in 2016 – overall 98.4 % of the people completed either the short or long form of the census.  While most Canadians were asked to answer 10 questions in the short form of the census, one in four Canadians – randomly selected – were asked to complete a 36 page long form version. 97.8% of the long form census were completed – the best ever result.

Almost 68% of the people filled the census in online.  As the recipient of a 36 page long form I was very grateful to be able to complete the form online – it was quick and easy.

As genealogists we are grateful for access to past census information.  Wasn’t it great to participate in building…

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